The Ministry of

Dr. Wesley A. Swift

Dr. Wesley A. Swift, the son of a Methodist minister, was called to preach in his teens. He was a dynamic, inspired speaker who taught uncompromised Biblical truths ignored by modernist ministers. His anointed preaching brought forth a high spiritual dimension of understanding to the Kingdom Identity message, giving "life" and "power" to the Sacred Word. Even the antichrists acknowledge that, "Wesley Swift is considered the single most significant figure in the early years of the Christian Identity movement in the United States." Dr. Swift founded the Church of Jesus Christ - Christian in the 1940's, a ministry that spread the Kingdom Identity message nation-wide to YHVH's Children, the White spirit-race known Scripturally as "sons of God". By teaching these truths to true Israel, this warrior-priest put fear in the hearts of the enemies of Christ. Following Dr. Swift's death in 1970, his widow Lorraine Swift faithfully carried on the Church of Jesus Christ - Christian until turning his ministry over to Kingdom Identity Ministries in 2002. We are highly honored to be able to continue Dr. Swift's work, preserving and earnestly contending for "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints".

The following books and tapes by Dr. Wesley Swift are available at this time; we hope to expand the list in the future as YHVH our God provides.

Books by Dr. Wesley A. Swift

_____ God's Call to Race
_____ God, Man, Nations, and the Races
_____ Testimony of Tradition and the Origin of the Races
_____ In the Beginning...God
_____ Were All the People of the Earth Drowned in the Flood?
_____ You: Before the World Was Framed
_____ The Family of God
_____ Dwelling on Two Planes
_____ Through the Veil
_____ The Sword of Truth
_____ The Light that Never Fails
_____ The Shekinah Glory & The Word Became Flesh
_____ Give Not That Which Is Holy Unto the Dogs
_____ The Mystery of Iniquity
_____ The Strategy for Victory & Conquest of the Netherworld
_____ Was Jesus Christ a Jew?
_____ The Mystery of Seed Time and Harvest
_____ Thy Kingdom Come
_____ Master Alchemist of the Kingdom
_____ Michael, the Prince of Space
_____ Standards of the Kingdom
_____ Heraldry of the Nations
_____ The Appointed Place
_____ The Land of the Eagle
_____ The Eagle and the Serpent
_____ The Symbol of the Cup
_____ The Day God Was Born
_____ Hosanna in the Highest
_____ Reopening the Trial of Jesus Christ
_____ Not Guilty!
_____ Who Crucified Jesus Christ?
_____ The Power of His Resurrection
_____ The Blue Tunic Army of Christ
_____ The Controversy Over Judah

Cassette Tapes by Dr. Wesley A. Swift
Sermons with an asterisk (*) next to the number are now available on CD for the same requested amount.

_____ S-1* When the Canaanites Leave the House of God
_____ S-2* To Preserve Our Freedom
_____ S-3* Foretold Destiny of America
_____ S-4* Hour of Peril and God's Deliverance
_____ S-5* The Star of the New Order (Christmas)
_____ S-6* Michael-Prince of Space
_____ S-7* Symbol of the Cup (Palm Sunday)
_____ S-8* The Indestructible Kingdom
_____ S-9* Why the Nations of the World Cannot Disarm
_____ S-10* Immeasurable Promise
_____ S-11* The Power of Creation
_____ S-12* The Light that Did Not Fail
_____ S-13* Our Prince of Peace (Christmas)
_____ S-14* How Long and Why the Wicked Prosper
_____ S-15* Conforming to the Image of the Son
_____ S-16* The Flight of Gold
_____ S-17* Armageddon-Local and Worldwide
_____ S-18* Why Censorship Will Not Work in America
_____ S-19* The Household of God in Tomorrow
_____ S-20* Great Spiritual Treasures of Your Race
_____ S-21* From Mystery to Revelation
_____ S-22* Control of Space
_____ S-23* I Am the Way
_____ S-24* The Unclean Frogs of Revelation
_____ S-25* The Stream of Life
_____ S-26* The Spirit of the Everlasting
_____ S-27* Putting Hooks in Their Jaws
_____ S-28* Healing a Sick America
_____ S-29* Prophetic Voices and Warnings
_____ S-30* The Church's Responsibility in Opposing Babylon
_____ S-31* Horses of the Apocalypse
_____ S-32* When Babylon Falls into the Sea
_____ S-33* Individual and National Predestination
_____ S-34* Your Personal Destiny
_____ S-35* The Gathering of the Tares
_____ S-36* By Creation and Design
_____ S-37* Mount Up with Wings and Eagles
_____ S-38* As in the Days of Noah
_____ S-39* The Army of Christ
_____ S-40* The Bloodstream of Babylon
_____ S-41* The Mysteries of the Corridor of Life
_____ S-42* God's Liberation
_____ S-43* Symbols of Spiritual and Political Activity
_____ S-44* The Mystery of the Kingdom
_____ S-45* The Mantel of Divine Power
_____ S-46* The Dawn of a New Age
_____ S-47* The Adamic Race Becomes Nations
_____ S-48* Mysterious Incidents that Mark the End of the Age
_____ S-49* The Power of Eternal Priesthood
_____ S-50* The Coming Economic Earthquake
_____ S-51* Help from the Heavens
_____ S-52* Racial Streams and Their Biblical Destiny
_____ S-53* God Will Realign the Nations
_____ S-54* The Races on Earth and Their Different Destinies
_____ S-55* Children of the Heavenly Father
_____ S-56* The Kingdom and the Lake of Fire
_____ S-57* The Race of Destiny
_____ S-58* On Earth as in Heaven
_____ S-59* To Be Taught of God
_____ S-60* History of the Sons of Light
_____ S-61* The Christian's Responsibility in the Day of the Lord
_____ S-62 Divine Will and Human Destiny
_____ S-63* When Mortal Puts on Immortality
_____ S-64* The Mantel of Power
_____ S-65* The Coming World Upheaval
_____ S-66* What is the Power of the Kingdom?
_____ S-67* Little Horn of Daniel
_____ S-68* Battle for the Minds of Our Youth
_____ S-69* Through the Veil
_____ S-70* Children of the Stranger
_____ S-71* The Mystery of Christ and His Kingdom
_____ S-72* The Everlasting Gospel
_____ S-73* The Brotherhood of the Kingdom
_____ S-74* The Power and the Glory
_____ S-75* God's Prophecy Against the Prince of Magog
_____ S-76* Wednesday Bible Study, 7/6/66
_____ S-77* America Battles the Dragon
_____ S-78* The Knowledge of the New Age
_____ S-79 Hour of Decision
_____ S-80* Quickening of the Spirit
_____ S-81* False Economy
_____ S-82* The Glory of God
_____ S-83* Prehistoric America
_____ S-84* Casting the Mountain of evil into the Sea
_____ S-85* Destruction of the Serpent
_____ S-86* Behold the Bridegroom Cometh
_____ S-87 And Wrath Shall Rise Up in Their Countenance
_____ S-88* The Law of the Spirit and The Race Question
_____ S-89* The Shaking Earth
_____ S-90* Crushing the Serpent
_____ S-91* The Wave of the Future
_____ S-92* The False Messiah-Where will he come from
_____ S-93* Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith
_____ S-94* I will Yet Be Inquired Of
_____ S-95* I will Break Your Covenant with Death and with Hell
_____ S-96* Measures of Prophecy
_____ S-97* Why Are We Here?
_____ S-98* The Mechanics of the Kingdom
_____ S-99* The Scope of God's Grace
_____ S-100* Signs in the Heaven and Weather
_____ S-101* Gold Tried in the Fire
_____ S-102* Testimony of Tradition and the Origin of Races
_____ S-103* Dwelling on Two Planes
_____ S-104* Power of the Resurrection
_____ S-105* Power for You Today
_____ S-106* On Earth as in Heaven
_____ S-107* God's Great Transition
_____ S-108* Revelation of God's Spirit to the Church
_____ S-109* Catalyst of Power
_____ S-110* The Time of Reconciliation
_____ S-111* Adjustment to God Our Key to Survival
_____ S-112* From Judgment to a New Creation
_____ S-113* Prophecy-Russia, Red China, and the Western World
_____ S-114* There Were Giants in the Land
_____ S-115* Why it is Impossible for Evil to Triumph
_____ S-116* The Fruit of the Spirit
_____ S-117* The Power Behind Communism
_____ S-118* Revival of the Elijah Ministry
_____ S-119* The Nation that will Survive
_____ S-120* Christmas is for Israel
_____ S-121* Supporting the Power of the Unseen World
_____ S-122* To Be Remembered against You No More
_____ S-123* Jerusalem-Old and New
_____ S-124* The Mission of God
_____ S-125* Redemption-To Wit, of the Body
_____ S-126* The Ark of the Covenant and Its Reappearance
_____ S-127* Emancipation from Economic Slavery
_____ S-128* Thus Saith the Lord and the Angel out of the Bottomless Pit
_____ S-129* Thou Shall Have No Other God
_____ S-130* Bringing Sons unto Glory
_____ S-131* Children of an Endless Life
_____ S-132* The Invisible Power of the Spirit
_____ S-133* Revealing the Holy of Holies
_____ S-134* The Sword of the Spirit and the Sword of Steel
_____ S-135* A spiritual Priesthood in a Living Temple
_____ S-136* Satan's Representatives in the U.S.
_____ S-137* The Mark of the Beast
_____ S-138* The Peace that Fails
_____ S-139* Yahweh, Our Defense
_____ S-140* Slaying the Dragon Out of the Sea
_____ S-141* Abomination of the Desolator
_____ S-142* From Whence Cometh Armageddon?
_____ S-143* Amazing Grace to a Race
_____ S-144* Redeeming the Time
_____ S-145* Cycles of Prophetic Development
_____ S-146* The Anti-Christ Battles the Church
_____ S-147* Into the Knowledge of All Truth
_____ S-148* Just Sets of Weights and Measures
_____ S-149* Emancipation from Economic Slavery
_____ S-150* Israel -- Literal & Spiritual
_____ S-151* Empowered Sons
_____ S-152* Application of Divine Knowledge
_____ S-153* New Age for God's Israel in the Earth
_____ S-154* The Perfect Vision
_____ S-155* Can Poverty be Eliminated?
_____ S-156* Can These Bones Live?
_____ S-157* The Gates of the Kingdom
_____ S-158* The Death of the Beast System
_____ S-159* Exposing the Deceivers
_____ S-160* The Government shall be Upon His Shoulder
_____ S-161* A Nation Under God
_____ S-162* Economic Warfare
_____ S-163* How to Bind Evil
_____ S-164* Transforming Power
_____ S-165* America-Ancient-Modern-Future
_____ S-166* Christ is Coming Again
_____ S-167* Independence Not Interdependence
_____ S-168* Remembering Again Our Children
_____ S-169* To Be Free Again
_____ S-170* The Threefold Work of the Spirit
_____ S-171* The Mystery of Israel & the Church
_____ S-172* The Secret Key to Victory
_____ S-173* Understanding of All Truth
_____ S-174* The Stranger in Thy Midst
_____ S-175* God or Man?
_____ S-176* Palm Sunday
_____ S-177* Why Evil Must Fail
_____ S-178* The end of the Great Apostasy
_____ S-179* Judgment Day
_____ S-180* The Church's Challenge to do Greater Things
_____ S-181* Proclaiming Liberty Throughout the Land
_____ S-182* The End of the age
_____ S-183* Omniscience of God & The Christian Nations
_____ S-184* The Greatest Truth
_____ S-185* In the Hollow of His Hand
_____ S-186* New Things Do I Declare
_____ S-187* The Value of Eternal Life
_____ S-188* The Return of Christ
_____ S-189* Invisible Power
_____ S-190* Synchronized Watches
_____ S-191* The Word of Truth
_____ S-192* The Witness of the Spirit
_____ S-193* My Counsel Shall Stand
_____ S-194* The Way of Cain
_____ S-195* The Venom of The ASP VS. The Water of Life
_____ S-196* To Live in Perfect Peace
_____ S-197* The Power that Frees the Mind
_____ S-198* Keystone of the Christian Faith
_____ S-199* The Source of Spiritual Truth
_____ S-200* Our National Stewardship
_____ S-201* The Christ Killers of All Ages
_____ S-202* Transfiguration
_____ S-203* Discipleship
_____ S-204* The Most Valuable Gift
_____ S-205* Revelation of Divine Mysteries
_____ S-206* The Greatness of Your Heritage
_____ S-207* Power For You Today
_____ S-208* The Fruit of the Tree of Life
_____ S-209* The Everlasting Father
_____ S-210* Truth: The Key to Victory
_____ S-211* River of Living Water
_____ S-212* Essential Reality in Religion
_____ S-213* I Will Pour Out My Spirit
_____ S-214* Our Inheritance as Sons of God
_____ S-215* The Covenant Race
_____ S-216 Fallacy of Hope in Elections
_____ S-217* Pattern of Judgment
_____ S-218* The Great Election
_____ S-219* Cycle of Divine Intervention
_____ S-220* The Eternal Security of God's Kingdom
_____ S-221* In the Twinkling of an Eye
_____ S-222* Gift of Discernment
_____ S-223* The Races & the Flood
_____ S-224* We are Not Alone
_____ S-225* The Kingdom & History of the World
_____ S-226* The World Order weighed in the Balances
_____ S-227* Power Over all Flesh
_____ S-228* Who are God's Elect?
_____ S-229* Removing the Tares
_____ S-230* Circling the Earth
_____ S-231 The Last Seal is opened
_____ S-232 The Encircled Nation
_____ S-233 Understanding of Equality
_____ S-234 The Deceivers
_____ S-235 Right & Wrong
_____ S-236 God's Judgment against His Enemies
_____ S-237 International Headquarters of the Anti-Christ
_____ S-238 What Every Tongue shall confess
_____ S-239 A Great Day Coming
_____ S-240 There is no Middle Ground
_____ S-241* The Value of Foreknowledge
_____ S-242 The Vital Force in Christ's Church
_____ S-243 A Master plan against Your Race
_____ S-244 Speak the Word
_____ S-245 Where shall the Christian draw the line?
_____ S-246* A Creed for the Last Days
_____ S-247 The Shaking Earth
_____ S-248 The End of the Age & The Day of The Lord
_____ S-249 *Signs in the Sun, Moon & Stars
_____ S-250 The Battle is the Lord's
_____ S-251 Sealed until the Day of Redemption
_____ S-252 The Abiding Presence
_____ S-253* Immutable Promises
_____ S-254* Separation from the World Order
_____ S-255 America's So Great a Salvation

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