Bertrand L. Comparet Memorial Library Fund

The late Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet was a Bible scholar unsurpassed by any other in the twentieth century. The extensive library of books he left behind, including many rare volumes, contains information not readily available elsewhere. We would like to build a reference library on ministry property conveniently located near Harrison, Arkansas to house these books that have been entrusted to us, along with the large library of Kingdom Identity Ministries, and any additional works that may be donated. This library will preserve truth and suppressed knowledge of our Christian Heritage, plus be a place where our people can do research. In addition, the building will serve as a multi-functional facility, allowing use in many purposes furthering the Kingdom of our God.

Future Library Site

The cost of the library will be substantial, even though the finances required will be carefully and wisely spent. We are asking that people generously donate the funds needed for this worthy project. Once finances for the library fund have been met, we would like help with its construction. If you are a carpenter, brick mason, plumber, electrician, etc., and interested in volunteering your labor, please contact us. We also will need assistance with cleaning, general functions, and organizing the books. To achieve success we need your support, both financially and of your time. Please keep the Bertrand L. Comparet Memorial Library in your prayers and do what you can to help. Thank you for your faithful dedication in seeing that truth will not be lost.

To help promote this worthy effort, please print Library Fund form and send with your donation.

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